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An unfortunate 420 tale about the pitfalls of the herbalist lifestyle.


It happened to me,
And it can happen to you.
Babylon tek weh my little draw of weed
Wha mi shouldda do?

Police tek weh mi herbs dem
And it's hurting me , me, me ,me ,me , me

Me and Robidon we go a London,
My bredren YT a keep a birthday session
You know that big dj wha sing da hit song
That talk about the sounds inna England

We left Birmingham, M6 and M1
Avoid the M40, follow the sat nav
We reach London about ten past one,
Park up and you know how the thing go,
Roll a spliff, blaze it up, crack the window
We kick backj, listen Reggae pon di radio
Little after that, me and Robin start chat
We wonder if the dance ago empty or packed
Mi seh "fi tell the truth, I don't give a damn
Is only thing me deyah fi tonight a woman
Suddenly Robin seh "Myki you smell dat?"
Me go " ah Wah dat, the spliff weh you got?"
Him seh "no sah! Long time mi smoke off dat,
That smells like prok scratching or bacon wrap"
A van drive pass, pull up and stop
Mi seh "Robin, you're right! it's them stinking cops

Come to tek weh mi herbs dem.
And it's hurting me....

We never did panic, we cool and relax,
Mi seh "Robidon hide the weed weh you got",
me jump out the car wrap up mi dreadlocks
"Hi Officer," Queen's speech mi a chat.
Dis ya Babylon woman, she nah tek no talk
She seh " What are you doing dound here after dark"
Robidon seh "What kind of question dat??"
That's when she look down and find mi weed stash

She tek weh me herbs dem,
And it's hurting me...

Further on in the news...
She grab it up as me look back
so when me turn round. mi grab it back
She seh "Young man, what are you trying to do"
"Tek back what';s mine, mi nuh know bout you!"
"We can make this easy or make this hard"
Mi seh "go weh Babylon, you nah draw no card"
"You won't get locked up, you won't go to jail,
Just confiscate take your address and your name"

Police tek weh mi herbs dem
And it's hurting me...

Police tek weh most of the weed weh we got
But fail to find the stash weh mi hide inna mi socks
"Officer won't you please give we a little back"
She seh no, have we beg like we smoking crack
Robidon explain he come from France
Him just want one spliff to bun inna di dance
"I can;'t do that, I'm a police officer
Bu there's drug dealers around the corner,
if you're that desperate, take the journey,
But a warning to you, just don't make mi see!"


released April 20, 2021
Vocals & Lyrics: Myki Tuff

Riddim by Friendly Fire Band:

Damon "Bongo Damo" : Drums
Ian "Fly" Harper : Bass
Matthieu "Keys" Graham : Organ
Robin "Robidon" Giorno : Guitars and Production.


all rights reserved



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