Myki Tuff and Friendly Fire Band's tribute to soundlcash culture


released December 14, 2018


all rights reserved



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Friendly Fire Music is a reggae label based in Birmingham, UK, and the main outlet for Friendly Fire Band and Jam Jah Sound.

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Track Name: War General
Yeah Yeah Yeah, Myki Tuff again
for all the soundman dem
Yo, you know we love the clash thing, don't?
So hear wha'appen, lert me tell certain soundboy this:

Mi a di war general
Certain sounds haffi reach their funeral,
Mi a di war general
Soundbwoy, ready fi your burial

Wah do dat soundbwoy,
How him get so boasy
Once a year him a war like christmas turkey,
Mi wicked and bad and mi get blood thirsty
Killing off everything without no mercy
Bitter like lime and me sour like serocee
War General with the biggest army
Chief of staff, me nuh have no chargie
From Kingston town straight back to Moseley
Kill anything weh try to clash we
Don't push your luck much less upset we
Right ya now mi haffi tell you this is where the fun stop
Chapter one inna war ago nbe hand clap
Chapter two identify target LOCK
Chapter three inna di saga,
Enemies a drop
as we beat it pon dem bragadagada!
Pon dem head top!
Dem a talk bout shotta dem,
Man ago beat and batter dem,
Yuh no see a pure chatta dem
Mouth a massive dem
Wah dem a do with man back a dem
Tuffy a beat dem with di bars
Dem fi know man hot again
Number one pon di chat again
Mi have di whole dance a rock again
Heading to the top again
Myki Tuff dem can't stop again
Everytune mi get hot again
Eek a mouse seh wha do dem

Send the tall and the short man come
Send the fat and the slim one come
Dress up in a balaclava,
Full suit and armour
Ah me dem waan done
You know why?

Ah fi mi style
Ah it dem try fi take back
Dem love me flow and a wonder weh mi get dat
I am so fly dem a ask me if a jet dat
No baldhead a chat di mic a strictly dreadlocks
Nuh bleach me skin, gals love how mi jet black
look how mi slim look how mi trim: a mi dat!
Some say dem run the citry but dem haffi gridlock
When me a war, guarantee wei have wi ting strap
Trigger happy and a buss it till the nozzle hot
We bun dat run dat and done dat

Mi a di war general,
Soundbwoy , go to your funeral
Mi a di war general,
Eliminate everything inna my.. Yo!

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