Natty Love Riddim

by Friendly Fire Band & Friends




First release of 2016, the Natty Love One Drop riddim by the Friendly Fire Band gathers a variety of cuts from love songs to conscious roots, with some of the best UK vocalists


released February 9, 2016


all rights reserved



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Friendly Fire Music is a reggae label based in Birmingham, UK, and the main outlet for Friendly Fire Band and Jam Jah Sound.

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Track Name: Friendly Fire Band ft. Lion Art - Natty Love
Natty Love (aka Real Love)
by Lion Art

This one's called Real Love,
Love love love love,
From the heart of a lion,
love me baby,
Love me lady.

Love me baby like I love you,
Love me baby our love's so true,
Love me baby like I love you
love me baby we can get through.


From the very first time I saw your pretty smile,
I knew you could be mine even if it took a little while,
A feeling deep inside that's way to hard to hide,
I need a girl like you so come here by my side,
The way you make me feel is so positively real,
I need you to be mine your always on my mind girl,
Someone like you is so very hard to find,
I'll never let you go baby your my girl.


Verse 2

Oh baby girl I love you sooooo much,
I need you in my life,
I need your tender touch,
I love to hold you close all through the night,
Me and you together baby everythings alright now,
And even when we're far apart,
Baby girl your deep within my heart,
You was made for me
and I was made for you,
You can feel it baby
yea you know it's true.


Verse 3

I know that we can make it through,
when times are getting hard
baby me and you,
And even if the sky turns to grey,
If you're here in my arms baby
everything's ok,
So let me take you by hand,
I'll say these words I hope you Overstand,
Baby girl I'm loving you more and more each day,
with you I'm happy baby,
with me I'll hope you'll stay girl.


I'm loving you
Love me too. repeat
Track Name: Friendly Fire Band ft. Peppery - Sipple Out Deh
Peppery - Sipple Out Deh (lyrics)

Sipple out deh, sipple out deh, sipple out deeheehehehehehey
Sipple out deh, wohoii, Peppery!

It sipple out deh inna babylon
But although it rough man we haffi stay strong
It sipple out deh inna babylon
Dog ah nyam dog, man ah just so it tan

Verse 1:
Outta road sipple, cyaa even find bikkle
Search fi a dime but we cyaa find a nickel
Oi deh Mr Rich Man, give the poor a little
We cyaa even find one when you have more than tripple
Why life haffi feel so unfair?
Rich ah get rich and the poor na'av no share
While summa dem selfish and nuh care
Some people cyaa even find a bus fare

Verse 2:
You have some people weh badmind you fi nut'n
You outta road ah hustle, jussa try mek sup'n
And offa yuh shirt, dem waa fi pop off yuh button
Nuh waa see you wid vegetable though dem have mutton
Why dem so awful, heyand how dem nuh thoughtful?
Dem nuh waa see nobody wid dem cup full
Ah nuffa dem ah fight the yutes when dem ah try live upful

Verse 3:
Babylon you must get a beatin'
We see it clear yuh secrets leakin'
I know Sellasie not sleepin'
Yu must pay fi all yuh ill treatin'
A whole heapa wrong tings yu dealin'
And try fi hide it but now it's revealin'
You treat people like dem naave no feelin'
We nah fret though cau prayer is the healin'
Track Name: Friendly Fire Band ft. Messenger Douglas - Movements
The time is getting late
We've got a movements to make
For if we don't make a movement
Nobody's getting paid

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